Where is the closest ..? Where to go? What to do?

You have reached the very beautiful nature and sights of the rich in the heel. If you are not in this area at all familiar to you or search places, what else you visited does not exist, you will probably find a suitable experience here the recommendations from the.

First olmeasju you. The nearest grocery store, dining establishments or transportation, see click here!


We bring here the best beaches and hiking trails, auto routes for sightseeing, some of the ideas with the train detection and more.
Only that, away then with the program too far go. Less is more, if the purpose is to rest!

☺ - very special pearls are marked with a smiling face. A local recommends!

Hiking trails

This wear the best hiking trails are well summarised official page matkarada.ee

Our favorites are ☺ Laulasmaa – Lohusalu – Keila-Joa and ☺ Paldiski hiking trail.

Multi-track, the starting point is a convenient drive also by train. Especially in the summer season, when running Kloogaranna line (connecting klooga the same). For example, Three Klooga the trail, in the above-mentioned ☺ Paldiski hiking trail and Kloogaranna – Paldiski. The last is a pretty serious endeavor and requires good form and assets from the start.

One track can also be done with the beginning of the Laokülast. Hike passing through the Gulf bank and Leetse in Paldiski, where you can get the train back. A total of ca 3h and 15 km.



One way is to make a ring in the near vicinity, to get this to wear interesting locations in the overview. Another approach would be to make the longest round of the eastern or the western school. The eastern side of the switch could reach not very long day Vääna-jõesuu and the west side of the Perakülani.

Nearby attractions

  • Paldiski city, ☺ Pakri bank and lighthouse, ☺ Leetse sandy beach (RMK), Gulf bank*, Soodajärve, Kloogaranna beach, Treppoja cascade, Klooga lake, Vasalemma mansion, ☺ The hub of the quarry and the prison, Padise monastery and manor, Harju-Madise church.

*Although Leetsest way pinnastee directly from the Cool to the bank, it is generally in poor condition and requires the car to a certain maastikuvõimekus of.

Points map

Greater idaring

  • Paldiski city, ☺ Pakri bank and lighthouse, ☺ Leetse sandy beach, Gulf bank*, Soodajärve, ☺ Kloogaranna beach, Treppoja cascade, Laulasmaa Spa and beach, Arvo Pärt center, Lohusalu beach ☺ Meremõisa rand (RMK), ☺ Keila - Joa park, Türisalu the waterfall and the bank and Vääna – Jõesuu rand.

Points map

Greater läänering

  • Harju-Madise church, (Vasalemma mansion), ☺ The hub of the quarry and the prison, Padise monastery and manor, ☺ Tänavjärve (RMK), Nõva, ☺ Peraküla beach/ hiking trail/ RMK fireplace/ the lakes.

Points map


If the Laoküla beach is mostly rocky, and is particularly suitable for the evening walks, then first-class sandy beaches is a few tens of km within a radius of more than enough. The choice is so crowded official sites as well as savage and as the sea when the lakes. Several of them can ride the train.

Leetse beach (7,1 km) – Nearest to a small sandy beach on the Pakri peninsula on the opposite shore. The crowd is there, as a rule little and, this is one (but not the only) reason why this is one of our favorites beaches. Hot water products are here to the east winds.

Kloogaranna beach (13,3 km) – The carry of the largest and arendatuima. If you prefer populous of the most to the beach, then this is a very good choice. The summer was flying kloogaranda a train.

Laulasmaa beaches (16,2 km) – one of the beach has a surf club, another spa at the. The first is the turmoil less, but the parking lot from the beach must be done in a 500 m walk. Spa on the beach is a tumult much more. Visually attractive is both.

Lohusalu beach (Of 17.9 km) – the most western the beach runs out to the car pretty close, but parking can be a holiday design difficult. As Leetses, it is also worth coming here for the warm water to look idatuul with.

Meremõisa beach (19 km) – very long and attractive beach. The car can be nearly east tip. There is also RMK fireplace and the people of the holiday a lot. The most beautiful beach part remains, however, Lohusalu by and because there is need a long time to walk around (RMK parking lot or Rannamõisa road), then the people of lot are not. The beach itself is there super. Perhaps even proficient in the best, when prices in a beautiful and peaceful being.

Türisalu beach (22,5 km) – nice and quiet beach Keila-Joa park in the immediate vicinity. The court can also drive, but definitely exciting alternative is Keila-joa in walking along the river to better shores. Summer in the mid-tends to the waterline to accumulate algae, which creates a disturbing smell and makes vetteminek of unpleasant.

Vääna – Jõesuu beach (27 km) – the official beach with a cafe, playground and other developments. Located next to the Türisalu pank, which adds to the dramatic. The beach can be at both ends (car parks is summer pay) and the amount due to the continued space for everyone also to the holidays. Strong läänetuuled to gather in Vääna-jõesuu in surfers because the waves are to the mainland of estonia the largest.

Peraküla beach (53,5 km) – compared to the others remain Peraküla far ahead, but the race into it is worth it. The second kind of beach does not exist in Estonia. In a sense, he is perhaps similar to Vääna-Jõesuu, but the beach itself is much longer, the sand is finer and the effect can. Additionally, there is a hiking trail and a couple of small lake with swimming venue and fire places close to them.

When the north coast of the sea for a swim to cool or are you just more of a “freshwater fish”, then also the surrounding lakes choice will not be disappointed.

Soodajärve (12,9 km) – the little lake little with the swimming venue in the middle of the forest. Remain comfortable on the road than Kloogaranna by go or ride the train for 2 stops and make a 0.5 km walk. Close proximity to remain in the Klooga camp in the deaths of a memorial.

The hub of career (15,3 km) – täiesti omaette nähtus. Kristallselge veega endine karjäär asub kunagise Murru vangla territooriumil ja kohe järve kõrvale jääb aheraine mägi, mida lihtsalt peab ise nägema. Vaata lähemalt https://rummu.ee/

Klooga lake (17,4 km) – well accessible by car or train. Clean water, pier, picnic area, etc. Families with children definitely a good choice.

Tänavjärv (34,7 km) – slightly longer race and the last 10 km along the roller-coaster ride into the forest roads, but this lake beautiful make up for all the challenges. The parking lot surrounding area to remain RMK fireplace and slightly away from the sandy beach, which is in the middle of the swamp the effect of phenomenally.


What should go in the car, when you can train, right!?

Every hour go to the train is a car a good alternative as hikes to the beach in order to reach as well as the closest cities to visit. Below some recommendations in addition to hiking and beaches.

Day of the Tallinn old town and a brick in the

  • Train Laoküla – Baltic Station (54 min)
  • Walk the old town and visit the example, Kalev Spa
  • Eat lunch in one of the old town/ the Baltic station/ Brick eateries
  • Visit Baltic Station market and find something for the evening barbecue to the

Day Of The Heather On The

  • Train Laoküla – Nõmme (51 min)
  • Walk with Mustamäe-Nõmme the hillside and the Glehni castle near and/or adventure Nõmme adventure park
  • Eat lunch Sõõrikukohvikus or in one Nõmme of the pubs.
  • Visit Nõmme market and find something for the evening barbecue to the

Restaurant Ice In Keila

  • Train Laoküla – Keila (18 min)
  • Enjoy dinner or cocktails in the restaurant Ice jää.ee

Golf Niitvälja


Day Pakri island. Laokülast just a few km away from Paldiski south harbour from the going weekends of the ship at 10 am and return at 17. pakrireisid.ee

Cliff lava suvekontsert the kaljulava.ee

ATV safari pakrisafari.ee

See also: laaneharju.ee/vaatamisvaarsused

Plan a wonderful vacation in Estonia!