Everything here is created to offer you a high-quality vacation. With every detail we had only that purpose in mind. We wish that here you can step out of your everyday rush and tensions. By becoming more peaceful inside you will start to see life differently. This is how you will start to create magic.

Our guesthouses are just a size for you two or up to four-person family. You get everything you need on optimal space. With both houses you get mirror saunas with astonishing views, places for bonfire and covered terraces to enjoy eating outdoors throughout the year.

Come and experience, how good it feels here!


MEADOW HOUSE is more open and sunny. Here you will have the prestigious design award winning mirror sauna with panoramic view and electric heater.

FOREST HOUSE is more wild and private. Here you can heat up the mirror sauna with spectacular view yourself and instead of TV you find crystal mandala on the wall. 


Some say Pakri Peninsula is the closest seaside area to Tallinn that isn`t overdeveloped yet. Others find it the best spot to discover Eastern Estonia. The third ones praise the calming energy here. I guess they`re all right.

Laoküla is not far away from all, but this is how you might feel here. Due to sparse population it is quiet and calm, while from Tallinn, you can arrive less than an hour. Also by train.

Nearby you will find some of the best beaches in Estonia, scenic hiking trails, lakes, castles, parks and other picturesque places. Check our WHERE TO GO? page.

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At one side of park forest here, being open to southern sun, there are 2 guest houses. Houses are close enough to not feel lonely, but far enough to have your privacy.

Our houses follow more and more popular Small House concept, with the area less than 20 m2 and a height of less than 5 m. You might be surprised how much you can have on that surface with very good planning : here's a fully functional kitchen, a living room with pull-out couch, wc-shower, double bed (160 cm) and workplace for home office. In a situation where the planet's resources are coming to an end, it is good to ask yourself, how much di I really need. Here you can find an answer to this question practically.

Detailed description of furnishing and equipment is here: furnishing and equipment

Outside there are mirror saunahouses, open sun terraces, roofed terraces and campfire places. In the grill area we have a kamado ceramic grill which bakes delicious dish also in the cold winter.

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By design and interior the houses are alike, but they have different effect on you.

With Meadow House you`ll have mirror sauna with panoramic view. This sauna made by Haljas Houses got red dot award in 2022. HUUM electrical heater brings mild steam that is more typical to wood fired heaters.

Our favorite Forest House comes with real wood fired HUUM heater and partially mirrored glass view. You`ll have totally different experience with both houses and saunas and this is something you just have to explore your own.

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How to get here?

Laoküla is 48 km from Tallinn and you`ll get here by car with less than 50 minutes. It`s the same distance from Haapsalu. From Pärnu it is approx. 1,5 h and one hour more from Tartu.

Both Waze and Google know the way. Just put Shanti Puhkemajad as your destination.

NB! When using Google, please add Paldiski Alexela on your way. Without this point Google instructs incorrectly.

Train is very good alterative to car. It takes 52 minutes from Balti Jaam and the Laoküla station is 700 m from the guest houses. Tallinn – Paldiski train leaves once an hour both directions and provides fairly good connection with eating places, food stores, beaches and even hiking trails. If you prefer to reach us with smaller "footprint", train is the best choice.

Elron schedules –

There is no good bus connection with Laoküla. From Tallinn there comes a bus twice a day but it is a long ride with many stops. Of course there are more buses with decent time going to Paldiski, but closest bus station is a few km-s away from Laoküla.

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